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Originally Posted by e90im View Post

and is BEYOND our imagination. Whatever we imagine isn’t him

Based on ow the hypothesis of God is framed, it can NEVER be proven that he exists.

So if there is no physical evidence except for a man written book how do you know that he exists? SO you and scottwww, believe in a book.

Would I be wrong to start a Lord of The Rings religion? I could, I guess, but you wouldn’t think much of me. You’d hopefully get me psychiatric help.
God is proven to many. You have not received the proof you require. Perhaps you have sidestepped your proof. Perhaps your proof is yet to come in your lifetime. It would be best for you if you get the proof you need before you die and that you accept the gift of life. That proof may be very different that what you might expect or what you might be searching for.

Some may have that proof in witnessing the birth of their own child. Others might have that proof in spiritual gifts. Still others might find themselves in despair and give over their own will to the will of God. The details are probably as varied as the number of people that have ever walked this Earth. Scripture is God's revelation to man as recorded by men.

In the case of the Lord of the Rings, to my knowledge, J.R.R. Tolkien never claimed his writings were from God. That alone should disqualify that work of fiction. (I am giving too much credit to your supposition.) To start a false religion is to start a cult. Examples would be Jim Jones, the Branch Davidians, Scientology, and another one that comes to mind that was in California a few years ago where everybody commited suicide because of a comet that was coming near. They usually begin with a sheister or with a fruit loop. Cults generally don't end well. There are some large religions that might better be described as cults.

If you want to know more about the nature of the scriptures, I suggest that you read them and draw your own conclusions. If you need evidence outside the scriptures, perhaps Christian Apologetics would provide you some good insight. I don't really care for apologetics, so I will not likely try to put my thoughts in that kind of logic. If nothing else, apologetics might help you to understand why the Holy Bible is God's word. I think that apologetics is meant for the non-believer. I find it rather boring, but for those seeking quantifiable proof, it might be just the ticket.

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