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For once I'm certain you are being serious and not trying to cause a dispute. For me, I was born and raised as a muslim. BUT I am a critical thinker. Many traditions and cultural things creep into Islam because people think Islam has something to do with being from Asia etc. It's nothing like that at all.

Over the years, I also studied other religions and ways of thinking. I didnt limit myself to choosing ONE religion from all of them. In respect of other religions, I can never accept the way there is more than one God or God can be man and God at the same time. In Islam, we believe in ONE God who isnt mixed with his creation. He is all knowing, powerful, forgiving and is BEYOND our imagination. Whatever we imagine isnt him. That doesnt mean you cant have a one-to-one relationship. It just means that through Allah's own parameters he doesnt mix himself among creation. Asking "Why cant God mix with creation?" is just like asking "Why cant God lie?".

In respect of other ways of thinking, you already know my views.

As a sidenote, I see why a lot of people wont accept Islam. I think it's firstly because they think you have to come from the east and "live by the sword". By Allah, Islam isnt that at all. They also cant accept Islamic morals. I ask these people: what are morals? morals are just based on traditions. Laws always change. We humans never agree on what is "morally acceptable". Anyway, I'm not going to get into that.