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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I'm not sure if it will be a tie though I do expect it to be quite close. On performance I reckon the RS5 will win easily just like the C63 does in comparison tests but unlike it where the extra power becomes a problem to use the RS5 shouldn't be bothered with this. I believe in every discipline of their performance be it acceleration, braking, cornering, lap times the RS5 will be better, but whether it will capture the pure driving pleasure that the M3 has is a different question.

That is the all standing argument between AWD vs RWD and to date very few awd cars have the same driving pleasure and feel that a good rwd car has. Like you say it will all depend on what you are after in the end.
Do we have information on RS5's engine yet? Can't imagine the RS5 besting the M3 on track with an slightly improved RS4 engine...

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