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Originally Posted by bigali88 View Post
I like it, but I do miss the rasp, but am sure that can be brought back by changing the midpipes. Some questions though:

1. How much does it weigh
2. How much does it cost
3. Do you have any detailed info i.e pics, how it works etc...
4. What are the power gains/losses, dynos etc...

I went to the companies website but they didn't have any info, and it didn't help that it was in German.


Hi Guy, Thank you very much, but it is not yet on the web site, because that was the second car he made !

To you questions:

1. It is based on the original exhaust only modified, I will do some mre picīs within the next days.
2. Price youīll need to ask, because I got a special price for the prototyp, it was also incl. the 2nd stage catīs, they are changed to 100 zeller? and they are shorter. Please ask the producer for the price, the valve is based on the Porsche equipment. If you do not get an answer from them, send me an email.
3.Picīs will follow
4.The first dyno test shows a power gain, but detail test will follow the 2nd week 2008 !

This company is very small and they are in big business right now for the AUDI R8īs, as I said,if you want I get in contact for you with them.