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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I know this was going back quite a bit but it amazes me just how misinformed some people are to what other brands are producing.

South is correct that the duel between the new M3 and RS5 will be something similar to that of the S5 and 335i, but only if you agree that the S5 is slightly better than the 335i because this should be the case when the RS5 arrives, it should be slightly better than the M3. But like all RS models it will also command a slightly higher price as well.
Quite an old post. Let me say this:
Although I'd personally prefer the 335i, the overal performance of the S5 is quite good. I think it's a matter of taste which car one prefers.
Referring to RS5: There's no doubt that it should be better than the M3 due to its later debut. But will it reach the expectations? Will Audi allow it to have higher output than the R8? IMO too many unanswered questions. My prediction is a tie.. What do you think?

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