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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Well the M3 should still be a little faster in a straight line, but we are talking 98% of the performance at 70%(?) of the price. don't forget, a 3 series is eligible for ED, and M is not, so right there comparing US MSRP is off by $3-4K.

BTW, BMW corporate has been unusually "hostile" in attitude towards the Dinan flash. This is coming from multiple sources. I don't know what this means yet about Dinan and BMW. It is interesting that other "semi-official" BMW tuners, such as Hartge, only flashed to 360ish crank...I wonder if BMW put the word out to limit the HP to that range and Dinan said no thanks?

Here in South Africa a chipped 335i at the coast is much quicker than an E92 M3 on the 1/4 mile (bring the two up to altitude then its just murder)... but an ///M3 is the total packge and not just straight line performance ... driving an ///M3 is an experience which the 335i no matter how fast it is will accomplish, thats why i will sell my 335i for the ///M3 ... i do miss the ///M, even though the 335i stock for stock is quicker than the E92 M3 here where I am staying at altitude

my options on other cars ...

keep the 335i and chip it and BBS LM it ... get the msport kit for it too
Audi R8 (need to stretch a lil bit for this baby)
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