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Bentley GT Exhaust Design Just Like Lexus!!

So I'm at work today and my boss decides to leave his Bentley GT in the B Lot shop for a couple days while it gets detailed.

I've seen this car very many times but have never taken the time to look at all the minor details.

After observing the exterior in its entirety, I got a closer look at the ''quad'' exhaust. As you all know, it's the two oval shapes in the back that appear to be ''dual'' exhaust.

So, as I'm kneeling down getting a close-up of the Bentley's exhaust design, I realize its truly a quad exhaust with two oval shapes surrounding them. They're completely detached JUST LIKE THE IS-F prototypes and the 08 Lexus LS430.

I was shocked to see that Bentley would go that route.

Anyone else ever seen this before? If you get a chance to, check it out and you might laugh.

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