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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Laptimes are incorrect. The 997TT times are (courtesy of Art here)

7:54 by Horst from Sportauto
7:49 by Walter from Porsche

The 7:40 was a factory estimate from Porsche reported in Motortrend.

If they truly wanted the most "apples to apples" comparison they should have used factory driver time vs. factory driver time. That is 7:38 vs. 7:49. All that being said I think everyone knows my skepticism on the 7:38 time. Of course we all saw it but what does it really mean.
It means that the GT-R is the real thing, and will likely spawn new competition that will affect most of the performance cars being sold today - except for the very low end of the spectrum.

What I read (in "Car", I think) was that Rohrl was stuck at a bunch of 7:49s with the standard PS2s or whatever, so they went to the PSCs to get that 7:40, safely under the Z06's 7:42.99.

Presto! PSCs became an option on the Porsche Turbo.

That 7:40 has been documented elsewhere, as well.