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What accent are you talking about??
For some reason Brits seem more intellectual, even though they speak at a slower pace.
Russians and Germs seem stronger/intimidating.
Italians and French seem more romantic.
Why?? They have that accent and the image to go along with it.

Originally Posted by samwoo2go View Post
no my friend is asian too.

he is chinese that can speak English with an Italian accent
Isn't the accent then..
From what I have seen, usually women think of men with a chinese accent as weaker. (Could be some height involved as well..)
He isn't going to pull off the accent without the European look, so chances are they know he is faking it.
An Asian with a European accent = a big no..
Asians also don't seem to have an accent when they know English.
If they do, it's because their English is poor.
For some reason all the other cultures seem to retain their accent.

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