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Ok why do chicks dig european accent but not chinese accents.

This is what happened.

I went out to a bar with some friends last night to a bar. It was pretty mixed racially, and I got this friend that spent some years in Europe (mostly Italy) that can do a really good Italian accent. so he says having an European accents bumps him up a league on its own. I say O YA so does my chinese accent (I speak perfect english, but can do a auenthic chinese accent, hearing my family speak english all the time)

So we make a bet, he goes to this pretty cute Asian girl sitting at the bar (she looks real stuck up with ugly know the only cute one in the group type of deal).

He squeezes in and makes a conversation with her and in about 10 mins gets her number. So we wait about half an hour and I go in with the chinese accent (now this girls is def within my league) I say hello in a chinese accent and try to start a conversation and she and her friends just look at me with this look like they are looking at a zoo animal and just laughs with each other. So I get pissed off cuz they are laughing at my accent and say in straight English "fuck you and your ugly ass hoe bag cunts then bitch"

Now we continue the experiment throughtout the night with different girls and the chinese accent always fails with no exception. This girl with a chinese accent of her own wouldn't budge. However there were a couple girls that shot down my friend even with the italian accent, and I was able to get one of their number later with straight English, So I KNOW its not my looks or game or anything.

Fucking damn it, Im so good at the Chinese accent too, just wish it was more useful other than shuting down telemarketers.