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&#@*% blocked

I'd like to use the term pussy blocked, yes like the female version of a cock block. So I'm at the bar with friends (in Tokyo), catching up with a friend I haven't seen for awhile.

Anyway we move to a table with these 3 ladies (my friend is a ladies man). But in a japanese accent a girl goes excuse me are you friends with so and so.

I'm just like eh ya, reply in japanese that they are my friends.

Anyway she has seen my name/face pop up on the facebook of ther friend.

So we chat it up with her and her friends.

One of the girls friend is standing next to me is dif hitting on me. Asking about dif things than asking about my Phone (HTC Tilt) and asked if its a blackberry wanted to see it etc (obv flirting).

Anyway long story short I think the girl who "knew of me" was kinda pissed. Her friend pussy blocked for sure. I gave the girl the knew of me my phone # and said add me on facebook than I told the other girl also add me on facebook.

When I come back at 1:30am the girl who was hitting on me added me ASAP and exchanged phone #s right away online. Girl who knew of me, nada haven't heard from me.

Anyway what a crazy confusing story right, do you think the girl is mad? and I blew my chance with her cuz of her friend. Anyway screw it her friend is cute and there are plenty of women i know her ;+)

don't ever become known in a bar esp have friends of REALLY known "party animals". Its trouble.
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