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The M5

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
You can get a M5 for significantly less than MSRP right now if that's the car you really want--probably in the mid to low 70s.
Thanks Lucid, if this is the case then there are really no incentives for me to wait that long for the M3. I am # 13 on my dealer's list and I will not buy manual gear which means i might have to wait even longer. Above 70K is expensive for me but the M5 is a great car and specially if there is no wait then i am willing to dig deep into my pocket. M5 comes with SMG standard and i don't have to add anything to the basic model. However, adding options to the M3 will most likelly take it well into the 70s. I really did not know i can get any M5 under 83-85K if not more.
Are you referring to a new or used M5 in that price range? Thanks again Lucid