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Originally Posted by ibd12nv View Post
OK where is all this TT info coming from guys. I'm all for this car as is and ready to buy as soon as I get back to Germany, but if there is solid info on an turbo charged V8 I'll be more than happy to wait for it.
The TT stuff is all baseless speculation, and wishful thinking for some. It's simply not going to happen for the E92. High level BMW exec said FI is not favored by the M division and will not be happening for this product cycle (that interview was posted somewhere on this forum, so search for it if you don't believe me). He said he can't rule it out for other generations, but those are 6+ years away. Historically, M engines have not been messed with too much in a given product cycle, except for small displacement bumps. I can see retuning and replacement of things like intakes, exhaust, and cams for the CSL, but that's an entirely different car. If BMW was really pressed for it, maybe they'd bump the displacement to 4.2 or 4.3 liters for the M3, but I doubt it given the car is kicking some serious ass on the track the way it is.