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The quotes below are from your original thread starter. You make reference to Nissan's yet to be released GT-R.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
If the car really had that good of a driver and tires as good as I expect they are the time is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL.
Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Talk about dishonest and over-hyped...
^Fan boy or Scientist? You have also proven yourself to be a good scientist. The problem there in lies in the fact that despite your good intentions, you can't avoid losing some of your scientific credibility when talking the M3, simply because of your worship like affection for it. By the way, I love your Sagan quote about truth > ego.

I know that you will buy the M3 no matter how it performs, how BMW treats you as a customer or what the competition brings to the table as far as performance or packaging. You have made yourself clear....and you will be buying a great car. My enthusiam for the M3 is once again gaining momentum. And in no small part, thanks to you.

Maybe you are incapable of really believing you are wrong, particularly when it comes to discussing the M3. You take great pride in telling others that you are right and telling those same people they are wrong. I also know that in doing so you believe it builds your status on this forum. Sadly, human nature proves this to be true. I would also say that many times you are absolutely right and others have been dead wrong, specifically, me.

You are right when you say you are an excellent contributor to the forum. There are some things that you bring to the table that no one else can. Your simulation work is exceptional, despite the fact that I like to hassle you about it.

Swamp, you are one of my favorite forum members as proven by my "meta" responses to you over the past year. I enjoy the debate and always learn something new from you. I think we all need to remind ourselves that we are all fan boys and passsionate about cars in one form or another. That is why we spend way too much time on this forum. Hopefully, though I am not overly optimistic, BMW will provide it's fan base with some Christmas spirit, by lifting us from the chains of bondage with the imminent release if U.S. specs and pricing.

Swamp, best wishes to you and your family during the holiday season and beyond. 2008 looks like it is gearing up to be a really exciting year for hard core, high reving motor heads. It really is the best of times.

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