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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Anyone here talk directly and seriously to a Nissan US dealer yet?
Yes, I had purchased a Nissan Frontier truck for my business from a Nissan dealer with the caveat being I'd be the first one contacted about the GT-R. This was about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, right after Ghosn announced it would be marketed as a Nissan. Too bad, I have great contacts at a couple of Infiniti dealers who until then were assumed to be getting the GT-R.

Believe it or don't, they called in late November. They said they were allocated 2 for 2008 (which according to my sources was not correct, they do not know their allocations yet). They told me the first one was spoken for, but I could come down and put a deposit down for the second. I asked, "At MSRP?"...The salesperson said no right of first refusal at market price. I said I won't put a deposit down on a car at $20K over MSRP and he said he expects 1/2 of that. I told him to call me when they have a spot at MSRP and I'd be down with a deposit that day.

I've been planning on late 2008-2009 anyway... I really have NO complaints with my 335i. I think the consensus on the GT-R forums I frequent is it will be that time frame before MSRP GT-R's become available, and with all the new technologies in it, I think giving it a year might be a good thing anyway.