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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
..Still a bit slower than the impressive Edmunds results but definitely in the range of quoted/estimated figures. FYI the fake RWD GT-R could only muster 60 in 4.0 and 1/4 in 12.2. Then bumping the hp and tq in unison to get to numbers like Edmunds reported I "only" need +25 hp/+25 tq (which is sizeable but only 5%) to get to:

0-60: 3.3
0-100: 8.0
1/4: 11.6
trap: 119
top: 202
The Edmunds numbers were done in an environment that seems to closely approximate the old SAE (gross) Standard Day conditions (abandoned in 1971), while everybody uses the SAE (net) Standard Day numbers for ratings today. The difference is almost exactly 5% in terms of power.

What're the odds?


PS - Merry Christmas, everybody!