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General consensus at seems to be at least $10k-$20k over MSRP. That means a $80k-$90k car. See thread here. Of course a huge range of mark ups are mentioned, from $5k-$60k (yes $60k over MSRP). Many direct quotes from dealers in the $20k over MSRP range referenced there as well. It is simple supply and demand. You can not offer a car of this caliber at this cost in these quantities. Here is the obvious conclusion:

If Nissan really does limit production as they say you won't be getting one of these anytime soon anywhere near MSRP.

I suspect the 1500 cars per year is total BS which should allow prices still over, but closer to MSRP. It is not a super car at half the price (as per Nissan execs quotes) if the Z06 can be had for $5-$10k under MSRP.

Anyone here talk directly and seriously to a Nissan US dealer yet?