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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
Man - that is so tempting. I have owned several Bimmers -and first one in the family was my Dad's (back in '79). But, since I was 10 or so I have always loved the 911 - and this is my (hopefully) attainable dream.

So, an M3 would still be a transition to Carrera S ownership. But if the wait is too long, and the pricing is not right - then the kinds of deals you are talking about are definitely causing my mind to wander.

And, I DON'T need the rear seats! We have a 540iT for my wife and a minivan for the dogs; and no kids to tote about - so a coupé is all mine, greedy me, mine! So, not an issue - which leaves me conflicted
What, you let the dogs drive a van?

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