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Originally Posted by xxballinboi786 View Post
lol..its not really a pad, just my room

heres what it looks like now:

its a mess, but im going out next week to get some new stuff...well i knida wanna replace everything...i never really cared about what this room looked like cause i sleep in another one, but now that this room is my "media center", it needs to be more is what the center of my entertainment room is gonna be!

im thinking all black wooden tv stand, black lounge chairs (for movie/game nights + when just hanging out with some friends), and a black sofawhere the bed is...if you have any ideas, please post links, pictures, and opinions!! thanks a lot
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Aight, well I wouldn't go with all black furniture because that is pretty lame.. Seems like every entertainment room has nothing but black furniture.. Just get some cool stuff that is out of the ordinary, and get rid of all that old woman furniture.

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