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Originally Posted by kuruptracing View Post
Anyone know how long it will be before dealerships will have a few M3's available to chose from without ordering?
It depends on a number of things, IMHO.

The first one is where you are from, region influences demand more than anything.

The second thing is when pricing is released. I feel that the later the price is released the higher the higher the chances are of people ordering cars that they are unsure of buying and therefore the later the price is released the more drop out will be.

Three is the percepetion of the car from the US Press. The US Press does not always agree with the European press (case in point: Mazdaspeed 3). If there is a generally poor perception of the E92 M3 relative to its competitors from the US Press stand point, I think there will be less initial demand from the "Gotta have it" buyers.