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Originally Posted by aerisolphaln View Post
Just so you know, a simple 2K reflash of the 335 ECU that comes with FULL warranty (Dinan) puts down 332 rwhp and 360 rwtq - talk about WALKING on an M3.
Well the M3 should still be a little faster in a straight line, but we are talking 98% of the performance at 70%(?) of the price. don't forget, a 3 series is eligible for ED, and M is not, so right there comparing US MSRP is off by $3-4K.

BTW, BMW corporate has been unusually "hostile" in attitude towards the Dinan flash. This is coming from multiple sources. I don't know what this means yet about Dinan and BMW. It is interesting that other "semi-official" BMW tuners, such as Hartge, only flashed to 360ish crank...I wonder if BMW put the word out to limit the HP to that range and Dinan said no thanks?