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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
1) meaningless

2) meaningless...I'm pretty sure if nissan controlled both cars, we can predict the 'winner' put a factory Porsche with Walter out there...different outcome...

3)short lap...cut slicks

4)cut slicks, prototype, tweeks?

5)all form Japanese sources indebted/beholden to nissan and nation pride...

we'll know in 1.25 years when it's released in Europe...

til then:
500 lbs heavier
16% less torque
1/3 less power band
>driveline loss
same HP

NOT faster, no way...
6) Your criticisms, already discussed and shot down ad naseum much as your pistonheads article was already shot down.

It's obvious you are a newbie to the 911TT v GT-R discussions that have been flying around the internet for quite awhile now, so until you have something new or enlightening to add, engaging in this discussion with you is like hitting my head with a hammer.