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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I would like to point out that your dilema is with BMW North America not BMW AG in regarding price information for the new BMW M3.
BMW North America will have that information. So in essence I cannot answer something I have no knowledge of...

I would like to point out that the M3 had to complete additional US testing to make it compatible for the US Market, that is why it is taking too long to come to the USA. And of course that the European market has always significant priority for M cars which is why production was catered for Europe first.

I try to keep up with the times when I have time but recently I was involved with the BMW X6 and the M3 Cabrio and unfortunately neither shoot went as smooth or trouble free (Weather for the M3) as I hope they would be.
I have driven the M3 Cabrio on Lanzorotte with the new transmission and think it is a revelation even in automode shifts are notoriously quick and precise.

I am currently working on the MINI Cabrio and are therefore not able to answer every query I am asked. But any way Merry Xmas....
There you go Scott, a much better post IMHO. Thanks much. Soooo much better than the cryptic marketing heavy stuff. See how quickly I can change my mind? It is great to hear that a real person has actually driven the "new transmission" and that you like it. Of course we all want lots of juicy details on the cab and on the DCT but I know better than to ask for anything and put you on the spot. Thanks again for sharing something way more personal and meaningful even though just small details.

As far as price goes it does sound odd that BMW NA has ("will" have) the price but BMW AG has no knowledge of the price. Seems to me the price would be either decided jointly or negotiated in some way but not "decided" by NA.