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Originally Posted by Alumac View Post
Feeling a bit melodramatic today?

Thanks for the update Scott.
Frisky yes, melodramatic no. Wrong forum, clearly no.

There is absolutely no new informaton in the OP. We have all already heard that the M-DCT will debut or be released in the E93 M3. I have defended and kindly thanked Scott (a known BMW employee) many times in the past but this post is really a bunch of drivel. Furthemore, although BMW has absolutely no obligations to do anything on a schedule that pleases past and potential customers, the forum is full of many very anxious and frustrated folks on mainly the price issue but on DCT as well. Put simply most of us feel entitled to a price when our cars (again just to be clear not mine per se, but "our" as in cars for some members of the forum) are already being ordered (be them dealer cars which will be sold or not).

I find it inappropriate and disrespectful to many folks here to post things like this given all of the voiced frustrations we have. It is better to say nothing than to tease us with non-novel marketing fluf. I think post also reflects Scott not keeping up with the forum and its prevailing attitudes which is also disrespectful.

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