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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
1) meaningless

2) meaningless...I'm pretty sure if nissan controlled both cars, we can predict the 'winner' put a factory Porsche with Walter out there...different outcome...

3)short lap...cut slicks

4)cut slicks, prototype, tweeks?

5)all form Japanese sources indebted/beholden to nissan and nation pride...

we'll know in 1.25 years when it's released in Europe...

til then:
500 lbs heavier
16% less torque
1/3 less power band
>driveline loss
same HP

NOT faster, no way...
I am basically with you Art that there is plenty to doubt here and plenty to be suspicous of as well. That being said, on the points 3&4, I have been reasonably well convinced of nothing "sneaky" going on. I have been convinced by discussions, links, references and explanations here on various threads. It is my belief that the lap time for this 7:38 lap is consistent with the length used for the vast majority of other quoted lap times. A similar thing goes for the "cut slicks" controversy. I do believe production, 20", Bridgestone tires were used for the run. BUT these tires are exotic, Nitrogen filled 20" runflats that I'd bet are every bit at sticky or maybe more so than a MPSC/MPSC+.