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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Objectivity means looking at all the evidence. The evidence out there supports the GT-R being faster than the 911TT. To whit we have:

1) Nissan having as a stated design goal to be faster than the 911TT at the N'ring.

2) Hundreds no thousands of witnessed test laps of the GT-R with a 911TT.

3) A fully data logged and video recording of the GT-R going around the N'ring faster than a 911TT with a race driver N'ring specialist in its drivers seat.

4) SportAuto editor in 1 day of GT-R testing going faster than he ever had around N'ring in a 911TT.

5) Independent documented track times at 3 other racing circuits with the GT-R being faster.

The how this is possible will come out later, right now the evidence is overwhelming that the GT-R does indeed beat the 911TT in terms of getting around a road racing circuit.
1) meaningless

2) meaningless...I'm pretty sure if nissan controlled both cars, we can predict the 'winner' put a factory Porsche with Walter out there...different outcome...

3)short lap...cut slicks

4)cut slicks, prototype, tweeks?

5)all form Japanese sources indebted/beholden to nissan and nation pride...

we'll know in 1.25 years when it's released in Europe...

til then:
500 lbs heavier
16% less torque
1/3 less power band
>driveline loss
same HP

NOT faster, no way...