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I figured you couldn't help yourself and you would have to respond despite your statement not to do so. You are a master flip flopper, numbers cooker, and slick, when it is convenient for you to do so. This is why it useless to even try to present real evidence to you and have any kind of legitimate debate. Remember you drivel about Toyota and Lexus getting the best of me with marketing and then when I presented the evidence from J.D. Power and Associates, you had a quick change of tune, but of course you were still right and I was wrong....Classic Swamp.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Ugh, back to Porsche and the 997S. What a dead topic. Who in their right mind would not say that in terms of raw performance numbers that the M3s price to performance far exceeds the 997S? This case is closed. You can argue steering feel, brake fade, weight (pretty red or yellow calipers) and this and that all day, but in the end the numbers are what they are the and M3 pretty much matches or exceeds the 997S in all metrics for nearly $25k less. CASE CLOSED.
Congratulations. Your concrete and rigid M3 fan boyism takes your narcissism to a whole new level..."CASE ClOSED?" Take your CASE CLOSED to any enthusiast forum besides this one, including other BMW sites, and see how ridiculous you look. This statement holds no water outside the friendly confines of this forum.

You are quick to dismiss steering feel as a subjective performance factor becase it is apparently numb in the M3 and great in Porsches. You even inferred you were pleased it was more numb than the base 3 series. Another example of your master of rationalization to fit your rigid thinking. You do this because it obviously bolsters your M3 DCT fantasy. If the M3 had great steering feel we would never hear the end from you with how important it is and how it bests it's competitors. We both have driven enough cars to know steering feel is very real and is of the upmost importance to a sports car. It is much more important than your obsession about a tenth of second here or there, but listening to you, you would never know it.