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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
Paraphrased from "A Few Good Men". He never said it, but I can envision those words coming from my grandfathers mouth.
Awesome man, thanks. Been a long while since I've seen that movie.

Originally Posted by RokX View Post
My condolences, sadly I know how you feel all too well. My old squad leader and good friend, (in afghanistan 2005, he ran out to get me to safety after I was severely wounded, himself also wounded) was killed in afghanistan a few months ago. Nothing can be said that will replace the loss of a friend or loved one. But I focus on the great times we had together and cherish them. I don't know how to explain it, but I never felt he was truly gone. I could feel his presence as if he was watching over me. Call me crazy but thats how I felt.
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry to hear you were wounded. Glad you able to make it home alive.

I know exactly what you mean. I've experienced more deaths in my 26 years than most do in a 100. Honestly, I'm almost numb when I hear about someone passing away that I knew. But when I hear it happen to someone I grew up with, a friend, it's painful. It's all that was on my mind since I went to bed last night.

Thank you for you service.