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Wow, indeed the torque curve is phenomenal. This will contribute to the car feeling less fast as well. But in this way we get decieved. The smooth linear power esp. with DCT will feel just like a freaking gas turbine (of course not in magnitude, just in character).

These figures show a 17% hp loss and 14% torque loss. Not too bad but we did see a 385hp/270 ft lb result here. These translate to only 8% losses. This is just the nature of the beast. Wheel/hub dynos are not absolutely accurate at all but better for A-B comparisons.

6,000 euro for 40 hp, 3,500 of which is for the software. It sure does look even more pathetic on the price when you can get 40 hp for <$200 and 60 hp for <$300 for the 335i here: . Granted I know the huge difference between tuning for FI vs. NA but still the price is awfully steep.