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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
So change it then. For the 20 million times, you're evidence does not and has not proven anything, again It is still a speculation or as you would call it a claim. Don't make any of us repeat this over and over again. Until you have proven it undeniably, your claim is wrong therefore the title is wrong, change it. BTW, SAE regulations are very strict and must have a independent witness during the test. I understand that they can regulate the boost before the test, but your talking about dropping the power to at least 80hp, i don't think 1psi of adjustment would do that.
Perhaps you do not understand evidence vs. proof? Let's revisit the evidence. This all been beat to death but you seem to have missed it, typical. Each piece of evidence does have mitigating factors as well which I will point out. Again these mitigating factors are what makes this really a matter of science and something that requires an investigative approach and requires mutiple, consistent pieces of evidence to make any final calls.
  • The N'ring laptimes on a track absolutely dominated by power to weight ratio. Mitigating factors include an ace driver, DCT, likely VERY sticky UHP tires similar to a MPSC or MPSC+.
  • The dyno test of the GT-R. Mitigating factors include accounting for tire loss, the likely dynapack non-conservatism, other observed inconsistencies in the dyno results.
  • Comparisons with the 997TT performance figures. This car has more torque and weighs quite a bit less than the GT-R and very likely has less drivetrain losses. There is dyno evidence and simulation evidence as well for the 997TT being under-rated. Mitigating factors again include the DCT.
  • Simulation results indicate an under-rating. Both mine and Bruce's in fact since his system gets reasonable predictions for the cars time but misses all the hp lost in the car's complex drivetrain.
  • History: Nissan is well known for under-rating Skylines/GT-Rs in the past.

There is probably more evidence as well but these were just quickly from memory.

I guess you also are not aware that although you can change the content of a post by editing, you can not change a posts title? I'm in favor of letting the record stand anyway even if the title was aggressive. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, it is that simple.