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Originally Posted by ArtPE
the dyno is bogus...can't be real
HP does not = T at 5250

I know how they rigged it...
use the given speeds/rpm to calculate the ratio...I did...
3rd 1.595 x 3.7 = 5.9
4th 1.248 x 3.7 = 4.62 (they used 4.66, close)
tire OD = 2.33'
circ 7.33'

it's works out to 5.475...NOT the 4.66 that they used...
no such ratio unless the car has a 3.5th gear
they measure wheel T and divide by the ratio...I've conversed with dynapack...
by doing this they have fudged the numbers by 17.5%...hmmmm, that's a good driveline loss factor...

all times are proffered by Nissan, Japanese journalists with connections, on Japanese tracks, control, etc.
no...SAE has a very strict's why the Japanese mfgs have a hard time meeting them and have to re-rate their cars...
SAE HP is rated at the flywheel w/accesories...power steering, alternator, etc.

I'm sure it makes the 480HP/430 lb-ft, but at the CRANK, NOT at the wheels

Nissan themselves has said it only makes 473 SAE and will need to be tweeked to be rated 480 SAE in the states...
Let's just say they did rigged it, i wonder if they did it by using another car or simply adjusted the boost on the GTR.