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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Look at your famous quote below, is this evidence I can read your posts? Oh ya, I forgot, you could car less about other people's so called evidence, unless of course it fits into your M3 fantasy world and bolsters your case. So why should anyone even attempt to show you any facts that counter this fantasy world, when it is crystal clear that your position will never change no matter what the evidence shows?

You believing you are never ever wrong and thus the the final say on automotive performance numbers, that in many cases do not even exist yet, is what is really getting old, Swamp. You should take Sagans advice that truth >> than ego because you are clearly it's antithesis:
Incorrect on almost all fronts ruff. The only thing we have here is our words and the way those words form a history and a reputation. I have been pointed out and proven wrong by multiple members in the past and my reply is typically short, a thanks/sorry and the incident passes with no drama nor fan fare. It could be the same here again (at some point in the future) except for your seeming obsession this time around.

Despite multiple clarifications, use of bold oversized text, repeating myself over and over you continue to quote me in isolation, in a way that so obviously misrepresents both my past behavior and my clearly stated position this time around. Why the obsession? Seems clear to me, when you put me in the position of the blind fanboy with M3 delusions of grandeur it gives you comfort in your own egotistical opinion of yourself as THE "Mr. Objectivity" here.

Keep on misquoting, misrepresenting as well as misunderstanding me. Your false beliefs of my opinions on the M3 and on the M3 "vs." the GT-R are simply in 100% contradiction with my stated position (again stated over and over and over). I hope these things give you some comfort and security because all they do otherwise is detract for your reputation and your desired position/status.

My reply to your endless future replies to this will simply be to reread my post #165 over and over again until you get it and accept it.

Oh and having your own position/argument/evidence on this topic wouldn't be a bad idea either (suggested previously as well...). Otherwise you simply have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines poking me like the silent little kid mentioned above. It is time to take a stand on the actual point of discussion rather than endlessly obsessing and talking about the discussion itself and an contributor of content to the discussion. Ruff, Mr. Meta-discussion is more like it.