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Originally Posted by Swamp
Lastly, if you could and would read, I have admitted approximately 14.8 million times in this very thread that its title and word choice was a bit premature and aggressive. That does not mean there is no evidence to support the claim. Please, please, please don't make me repeat this over and over ad nauseum.
So change it then. For the 20 million times, your evidence does not and has not proven anything, again It is still a speculation or as you would call it your claim. Don't make any of us repeat this over and over again. Until you have proven it undeniably, your claim is wrong therefore the title is wrong, change it. BTW, SAE regulations are very strict and must have a independent witness during the test. I understand that they can regulate the boost before the test, but your talking about dropping the power to at least 80hp, i don't think 1psi of adjustment would do that. And also, Art is very convinced that the dyno is bogus as well, and he thinks that the actual power is 480 from the crank.

In 2005, the Society of Automotive Engineers introduced a new test procedure for engine horsepower and torque.[5] The procedure eliminates some of the areas of flexibility in power measurement, and requires an independent observer present when engines are measured. The test is voluntary, but engines completing it can be advertised as "SAE-certified".