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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
someone please explain how this can be possible...

don't confuse objectivity with's engineering and the math...
Objectivity means looking at all the evidence. The evidence out there supports the GT-R being faster than the 911TT. To whit we have:

1) Nissan having as a stated design goal to be faster than the 911TT at the N'ring.

2) Hundreds no thousands of witnessed test laps of the GT-R with a 911TT.

3) A fully data logged and video recording of the GT-R going around the N'ring faster than a 911TT with a race driver N'ring specialist in its drivers seat.

4) SportAuto editor in 1 day of GT-R testing going faster than he ever had around N'ring in a 911TT.

5) Independent documented track times at 3 other racing circuits with the GT-R being faster.

The how this is possible will come out later, right now the evidence is overwhelming that the GT-R does indeed beat the 911TT in terms of getting around a road racing circuit.