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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
^^ How about the evidence of SAE certification. Would that suffice? And if the "the jury is still out" as you say and agree with, don't you think that the title of this thread is wrong.
SAE certification would be very solid evidence, although not quite incontrovertible. We have probably read the same article that says Nissan is preparig for SAE hp certification. However, the headline of the article and te quote inside and not equivalent. The article says Nissan officials said we we should expect 480 hp SAE but the quote they provide says on that they are "targeting 480 hp by US testing testing standards". Only time will tell.

Just as Bruce pointed out above there are subtle ways left to fudge things. Controlling boost is such an easy thing to do on the assembly line (even before or after assembly) and Nissan could adjust this at any time. I'd say the only evidence that would be absolutely 100% we won't get. That would be to SAE test an engine and then mount that same engine in a car and give it a battery of performance tests. Again - absolutely not going to happen.

Given that the 100% certainly test is not going to happen what I require to be certain is simply multiple sources of evidence that are consistent (not exact but consistent) be they comparisons with other vehicles, simulations, dyno tests, SAE certification etc.

Lastly, if you could and would read, I have admitted approximately 14.8 million times in this very thread that its title and word choice was a bit premature and aggressive. That does not mean there is no evidence to support the claim. Please, please, please don't make me repeat this over and over ad nauseum.