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hmm.. sitting outside the local venue here me and a couple ppl were trying to come up with stuff similar to "Hit it and quit it"..

We came up with..
Fuck and Truck.
Fun and Run.
Pound and Bound.
Smash and Dash.
Hump and Dump.
Shag and Bag.
Poke it and Smoke it.
Do the Deed and Speed // Plant the Seed and Speed.
Pop and Drop.
Boom Boom and Zoom Zoom.
Nail and Bail.
Up-Skirt and Desert.
Knock Boots and Scoot.
The Old In-Out and Run About.
Get Nude and Elude.
Get it Wet and Jet.
Rape and Escape?? Not that I approve of rape.
Tap and Lap.
Ride and Hide // Just pull it to the side and Hide.
Play and Get Away.
Intercourse and Hop on your Horse.
Juice and Vamoose.
Ram and Scram.
Fling and Spring.
Fork and go to Work.
Sex and Vex.
Fornicate and Circumnavigate.

So after remembering the few.. I started making more..
My mind is now blank.

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