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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
let's wait for some independent times...
the car loaded weighs >4100 lbs (3850 + 160 driver + 100 fuel)
and that's assuming the 3850 is accurate
BMW was low by 100 lbs on the new M3
MB 350lbs on the C63...
I'm guessing curb weight will be close to 4000 lbs!!!!

keep in mind the TT997 manual weighs almost 500 lbs less, has 16% more T and ran ~7:50 w/PSC's
Excellence weighed one at 3377 (3477 auto)...
We have them, beat the Nissan times in 0-60 and matched 1/4th mile.

Nice try though! You really can't stand that the mighty 911TT is beaten, can you?