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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
the dyno is bogus...can't be real
HP does not = T at 5250

I know how they rigged it...
use the given speeds/rpm to calculate the ratio...I did...
3rd 1.595 x 3.7 = 5.9
4th 1.248 x 3.7 = 4.62 (they used 4.66, close)
tire OD = 2.33'
circ 7.33'

it's works out to 5.475...NOT the 4.66 that they used...
no such ratio unless the car has a 3.5th gear
they measure wheel T and divide by the ratio...I've conversed with dynapack...
by doing this they have fudged the numbers by 17.5%...hmmmm, that's a good driveline loss factor...

all times are proffered by Nissan, Japanese journalists with connections, on Japanese tracks, control, etc.

let's wait for some independent times...
the car loaded weighs >4100 lbs (3850 + 160 driver + 100 fuel)
and that's assuming the 3850 is accurate
BMW was low by 100 lbs on the new M3
MB 350lbs on the C63...
I'm guessing curb weight will be close to 4000 lbs!!!!

keep in mind the TT997 manual weighs almost 500 lbs less, has 16% more T and ran ~7:50 w/PSC's
Excellence weighed one at 3377 (3477 auto)...

So how much power do you think it's really making? Is it also possible for a manufacturer to get SAE certified hp base on actual hp or whp?