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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
Got this today from my rep, I believe it to be reliable unless someone can produce an order number or scanned document that proves otherwise.

"No orders are going in yet. We tried one but BMW deleted it as they will not accept any until pricing is released. We were told possibly February so we still need to wait for our answers on build dates and delivery times."

Sorry it's not news at all really...
Yes and no. I guess no orders are being taken in the sense that the orders that are being executed right now are dealer cars. But that doesn't mean that dealers will keep them. Dealers are simply reconfiguring their demo car builds to customer specs and are selling them. There is evidence to support this claim as we have seen several NA orders succesfully entered into the production system. Keto posted just one. There are others on this forum such as Devo's order, etc.

However, since you are going through military sales, what you've been told makes sense. It's no suprise that military sales do not get any demo cars--what would they do with demo cars in the absence of physical NA dealerships to display the demo car at--hence no orders at this time that can be executed for you guys. I guess that is the "price" you might be paying for the MS discount.

This also explains why BMW is letting orders through without releasing pricing. So I guess they actually are not doing anything funky/unethical as we've all been thinking for some time now--including myself. It could be that, as far as BMW is concerned, those orders are not meant to be sold to customers at this time, but should be used to promote the product. Regardless, if that is really the case, BMW should release a simple statement saying that is what is happened so that people that are being asked to make decisions and submit orders don't get pissed that they are doing so in the absence of pricing info.