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Originally Posted by ward
I just want gays to have to face divorce,

marriage is easy, divorce is a pain
True and I would happily take the risks of divorce to be able to have the benefits of marriage; being able to see and make decisions for my partner when he's in hospital because right now the hospital would say "are you family??? Sorry you can't see him."; I'd like to be able to leave my/our house to him in my will without the estate tax implications; We could share health benefits... the list goes on and on, and right now I do feel like a second class citizen. Here in Georgia you can be fired from your job just because youíre gay.

If gays were allowed to marry I don't think most would make the perfect little family, there would be just as many divorcees, fights, cases of abuse, nasty court battles as straight couple have. But we should have the right to get the good and the bad of marriage.

I think itís more the devout Christians more than the republicans that are anti-gays, but devout Christians do make up a large part of the republicans party.

The thing that gets me is that US culture has made marriage a joke. Marriage is as sacred as a TV reality show; NBC's "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?" and FOX's "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" And gays will ruin the traditional values of marriage?

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