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Originally Posted by Suareezay View Post
thanks turbofan.

i think im going with the samsung. its contrast is 4,000:1, which i am assuming is pretty good?
That's not bad. Much better than 800:1. It's measuring the intensity of the white (which LCD does well, actually all panels do well) vs. the depth of the black.

LCD works by shining a bright white light through a liquid crystal matrix. When an electrical charge is applied to different diodes in the matrix, they change from opaque (the LCD's best attempt at black) to their color, to nearly transparent (white). White has never been a problem for LCD, and neither has color. LCD has always had (and in my mind still has) a problem with black. If you watch a lot of movies like Lord of The Ring trilogy, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, etc, movies that are shot with a lot of high black levels, you will see them as more of a dark gray. LCD can not do TRUE black for this reason. There are new technologies in place to help with this, and they do a good job, but I don't know what level of panel you will find them in. I know Sony does a good job with LCD, and I've liked the Samsung panels I've viewed. I don't know much about the other makers. If you want to talk plasma, I own a couple, I know more about them.

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