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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
I am an M3 and a Porsche guy...they aren't that bad. However IF I was you...I'd just extend my least out 12months. BMW will easily let you do that. Then start calling around the US and find a dealer with a lower allocation and put down your $$$ deposit and go get the car. There are still dealers out there with initial 08 allocations whose waitlists aren't in the stratosphere! You just need to put in the legwork. Last Oct Sterling BMW in VA had under 6 folks on their initial allocation list who'd put down a deposit. (may have changed by now). Also seems like plenty of folks are changing or dropping their allocations (not me) but they are out there.

Good luck!
Yo...dial me into the rep at BMW who will easily extend out my lease. The only way they will extend a lease is by offering a "courtesy" 2 month extension OR if you give them a production order number. They will then extend the lease out for the duration until your car arrives at which time you can turn it in.

I even asked if I had a deposit down on a waiting list and they said they would only offer lease extensions to buyers with production order numbers.

This year's policy may have been altered from last year's. Who knows.