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Originally Posted by xxballinboi786 View Post
what phone do you have now? you must not know of how to change settings in your phone to make it better...ive had MANY phones, this is definitely my favorite...

+ the service and data are i have sero so i pay virtually nothing for what i get
I have the BB 8830.. Yes I know how to change settings, I even did registry editing on the phone. But in order to get anywhere near the usability of say the treo 755p it replaced I had to install 5 programs then registry edit to get things how I wanted, plus the phone crashed as much as my treo and it would slow down and require a reset.

On paper it looks good but in real life its quite possibly the worst phone and text/ email device in the world. I am talking about call quality/reception, not having treaded texts (you install an app but it slows down the phone in addition to the other 5 apps). Now it does beat my new blackberry which replaced both the treo and 6800 as a PDA and entertainment device other than that... Yea...