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truely nobody knows is being gay is born into people or if upbringing does it. I recently saw a talk show (montel williams?) where they brought in twins where one was gay and one wasn't. But when they have the same genetics and almost the same upbringing (same parents, same house, etc) what made one gay and one not? Truth is that I know that marriage is screwed up and that it is becoming a joke (the rate is actually 38% for divorces, not 50%) but does anyone have any rates on divorces between gay and lesbian marriages or partnerships would it add or subtract from the "sanctity of marriage?"

I do support gays getting married or partnered or whatever people want to call it because they should be afforded all the rights and priviledges that straight people do. I also think it would bring down the amount of STD transmission among the gay male community if they were to commit themselves to one partner.

This is a really great subject to discuss on a message board because whenever i get into this conversation with friends everyone can't get their message heard because everyone has an opinion and wants to express it all at the same time .