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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Just saying your views might be mis aligned. Did you inherit a lot of money or something? Sell drugs?

I paid my way through college, worked the whole time, even got half tuition scholorship and I still was nowhere near being able to pay an extra $300+ a month for a new car (let alone a bunch of nice/modded cars). Not to be an a$$ or anything but I see a ton of people driving nice cars whose parents pay for everything and about zero who have to pay themselves (unless they are out of college). Please enlighten me, I might get a second job.

Much respect to Legacy cause I have a friend who did the military route and they jerked him around pretty bad.
My views? -- Right now I can't be burdened with a house payment, because I would never be able to afford to upkeep a house, and if I go the roomate route I would have to deal with that and I'd rather not. I didnt inherit anything, no one other than my parents have given me a dime in my entire lifetime and they dont contribute to my lifestyle or my car/credit/bills. Everything I have I've worked hard for. My parents gave me everything I wanted from 0-18 years of age. As I hit 18, I needed to step up.

I pay my way through college, I work for a engineering firm that sells lidar and laser technology. We essentially sell equipment that are priced from a brand new bmw up to an enzo. I do their marketing, web and graphic design. I get my stuff publised in magazines and periodicals; and I am UNDERPAID.

My parents put a roof over my head and provide food when I eat at home. They provide support and guidance as well. Its sad sometimes to see how people can misconceive someone in their early 20's that drives a $45k car can't do so on his or her own. But that's just how society is, and I don't blame or point fingers at you for that.

I see it all the time, kids driving these fancy cars, or at the track pulling up in their porsches and heavily modded supras and shit. It makes me feel a bit jealous. Then I look and see how much I've worked and how hard I've worked to get to where I'm at and I still have a loooooong way to go.

My motto is, enjoy it now and live life for now, because tomorrow a new opportunity awaits, or there might be none.

Interesting. College is expensive not to mention bimmer payments. What do you do?

PS. I paid for my college too but I had an old camry back then.
Marketing & Advertising.

You probably run across things I've done in print. I'm not a boastful or that type of person that will show off with what I can or can't do.

I still have my first car I drove when I started school.