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Originally Posted by FloridaBoy View Post
everything scottwww is saying here is quite accurate.
Oh God, another Jesus freak ... you must be drinking the same kool-aid that scotty likes.

If you would like to tell me your denomination, I would be glad to hammer you about all the ridicules’ beliefs it proscribes too.

Let's remember, all denominations broke off from the Catholic Church, except one, so they thought the Catholic practices were not 'Christian' enough for them. They came up with there own interpretations of the Bible .... you could call them all cults too!

Scotty started the personal attacks against LDS member ... so since you seem to like only the words that support your claims, just like little scotty ... here is a post I wrote showing how narrow minded you both are. Right out of an article he referenced!

There are dozens of possible definitions of "Christian," (that is, ways in which people use the word) even in addition to those in the dictionary, and they range all the way from very broad ("a Christian is anyone who tries to live his life by the teachings of Jesus") to very, very narrow ("a Christian is someone whose views and beliefs about Jesus Christ are exactly like mine").

I think most Christians today who are quick to label Mormons as not Christian generally overlook the fact that the earliest followers of Jesus would probably not qualify under their definition of "Christian," either.

If you assert that Mormons are not Christian, that also implies that you have the only valid definition, and that you (and your co-believers) are the only ones who have a right to define the word. That is not the way language works.