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See there's a little thing called budgeting. Most, and if you want to get technical, 91% of people do not know or cannot budget effectively.

In response to your 'bullshit comments'; I pay for my 335 and my insurance solely with my own money. I pay them and I don't have my parents chipping in neither have I ever asked them to cover my payments.

I'm 22 now, and I'm doing a dual degree in school; Business Admin and Management Info Systems. Ever since I've started college I've paid for school and tuition, all of my books, clothes, gas, etc etc, you name it and since I turned 18 and hit college I've never asked my parents for a dime. I've also never had to sell anything of mine to make money or make ends meet. My parents have also never paid for my school, I'm not on any loans, or scholarships, or anything. I have my own credit cards, and I pay my own bills.

The only thing I can say that I dont pay for is a mortgage or rent.