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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Yeah you are right, dyno results showing an AWD vehicle making the quoted crank hp at the hubs is neither relevant, interesting nor seemingly contradictory. I made this post just to watch people argue, to have an opportunity to get my all important post count up, to argue endlessly with Nissan fans and most importantly to dis the GT-R and defend the honor of the M3 as the best and fastest sports car ever made.

You do realize that this single dyno result is not official therefore it is not a valid proof. This whole thread is base on a speculation and again with no surprise you're making a conclusion out of it. Just like you did on the ISF thread and guess what happened there, you where wrong. Now we can do this, . But don't worry, when it becomes official you can do these silly smiley stuff again, in the mean time, hold off on it. Okay, good boy.

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