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Unhappy My VERY Painful Decision

So I had to come to a decision the other day and it is one that pains me each night.

In my area there is NO WAY possible to get into the new M3 without either being WAAAAAAAAAAY down on the list and being AT LEAST a year out until having a slot to order one OR paying $10k - $15k premium ABOVE the MSRP and options. Regardless, the 2 dealers in my area and surrounding areas up to 150 miles away are fully loaded with lists that stretch into next year. On top of that my local BMW dealer is now saying that WHEN they get the first M3 in they are going to hold it as a test drive model.

I even test drove the new Carrera S and seriously considered this for about a week. But when I slept on it on my final night I just came to the conclusion I am not a Porsche man.

No offense to any of the posters here who have or have had a Porsche. It's just not me. I love the M immensely.

So with that being said I placed an order for the 335i fully optioned and will have the DINAN chip amping it up to 382 HP.

My lease is due to expire December 23rd so I could either turn the car in and drive my alternate car for at least a year until I get an M3 order slot OR I could get into the 335i on a short term lease...wait until the fire storm dies down and THEN get into the new M3. I imagine like the rest of you...if I cannot drive a high performance ride...I feel constricted and lifeless. My alternate ride is an SUV and is anything BUT high performance. I would rather have something than nothing.

Since I have a car on order BMW USA is extending my lease turn in date until the new one arrives.

My LAST chance is that the dealer agreed that if during the time my 335i is being built they are able to get a high number of M's allocated to them and my name is within that initial allotment then they would allow me to opt out of the 335i order and put me on the M3 order list. I have this in writing too.

In this scenario BMW USA said if I can give them a production order number then they would extend my current lease until the new one arrives as well.

I am not holding my breath on this last one.