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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I don't really think I need to jusitfy any particular post to you. All you ever really do here is beat dead horses and misunderstand, mis-interpret and barely read replies when aimed directly at you. Please look in the mirror before getting on my case. Just because I am such a nice guy I will answer your concerns.

I quoted the original poster and gave him credit. I mentioned in that thread that I specifically thought the topic was of enough interest to repost it in its own thread. Clearly by the volume of the replies and discussion that was a justified opinion. Bruce A. called me out on not being 100% certain on this and for using a too aggresive diction in my post title. I simply agreed with him on both counts.
No you don't need to justify any of your post and neither do i. But a repost is a repost and we all know exactly why you did it. In terms of beating a dead horse, you're clearly the expert on that especially when it comes to the GTR being under-rated and the 7:38 ring time not being special or legit. I was simply ageeing with ruff with his post.